Nicole Maye Luga

Nicole Maye Luga is an American landscape painter who works mainly with oils in a

contemporary traditionalist style. She studied painting at The Pennsylvania Academy of the

Fine Arts, earning a four-year diploma in painting as well as completing their Master’s


She lived in Albania for some time, where she found a new appreciation for landscape painting.

Returning to Philadelphia, she became a member of The Philadelphia Sketch Club and The

National Association of Women Artists, based in New York City.

Nicole’s work has received numerous awards and is in collections worldwide. She has exhibited

in national juried shows and museums, including the National Midyear Exhibition at the Butler

Institute of American Art for four consecutive years. Additionally, Nicole was a semi-finalist in

the Art Renewal Center’s 16th International Salon Competition. She has exhibited in

The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts Fellowship Annual Juried Show since 2019 and won

the Caroline Gibbons Granger award in 2021. Nicole recently had a solo show at the Crary Art

Gallery in Warren, Pennsylvania.

Her work has been published in International Artist Magazine's “How to Paint Your Favorite

Subjects” book. One of Nicole’s paintings was recently purchased for The Pennsylvania

Academy of Fine Arts Fellowship Permanent Collection. She was selected to exhibit at the Ohio

Arts Council Biennial in 2023-2024 at the Riffe Gallery and the Medici Museum of Art.



Reality is authentic. My paintings offer glimpses into everyday life, portrayed through oil. From

the familiar sights of urban landscapes to the often-overlooked details, each piece captures the

essence of the world around us.

With a focus on realism, my goal is simple: to portray life as it is, without embellishment or

distortion. Through keen observation and dedication, I aim to convey the beauty of ordinary

moments and the subtle nuances of our surroundings.

Immerse yourself in the quiet power of realism as you explore these paintings. Each one invites

you to pause, reflect, and find beauty in the simplicity of everyday life. Join me on a journey of discovery through the art of observation and interpretation.